Bladesman Productions have teamed up with Green Screen Soho, to bring you the best Green Screen studio facilities in Soho. Give us a call to enquire about our great rates and excellent facilities.

Our Green Screen chroma key video production studio is available for hire 24/7 and is ideal for filming broadcast multi-camera interviews, TV commercials, music videos, theatre/ TV promos, web presentation and live-streaming of news and entertainment.

The U-Shaped floor to ceiling Cyclorama measures 7m x 5m x 7m and is pre-lit with low-heat Photon Beard lighting. The huge 1100 sq.ft client holding area is complete with WiFi, Sky TV, arcade games, table football & pinball and provides a relaxed holding space for 30 plus people; including separate make-up and dressing room facilities. Refreshments and a catering service are also available on site.

We are less than a minute's walk from either Piccadilly Circus Underground station, or from the Brewer Street NCP car park.

We have a team of very experienced, very knowledgeable staff, who will make your session as friendly, relaxed and professional as possible.

Shoot Production

As well as your Green Screen Studio, we also provide several pre and post-production services to help your shoot run smoothly.


We have a team of highly experienced crew on-hand; in-house Directors, Producers, Camera Ops, Make-up, Sound Technicians, Gaffers, Sparks, Autocue Ops, Boom Ops, Grips, runners, etc.


We also have a wide range of equipment available for hire: Cameras, Tripods, Autocue, Sound Equipment, Lights, Dolly, Turntables, Jibs, Props (basic). This list is not limited, and we can provide extra services and equipment at your demand. Please contact us for more information and to provide us with your requests both pre and post shoot.


We also have a highly experienced in-house creative department consisting of producers, editors, production assistants, designers and animators. They are always on-hand to assist you in your pre-production, production and post-production needs. With Final Cut and Avid Suites, we have the facilities to edit and finish your entire production in-house. Please talk to us if you would like to know more about our creative team and facilities.

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